The following precautions and policies are constantly amended based upon updated guidance from the CDC, ACA, and state Health Departments. Some information may change over time as recommendations/guidance change or are updated.

NJDTE will be following guidelines as recommended by the CDC, ACA, and the Government in order to run programs in a safe and secure manner. In all circumstances NJDTE will take every care to ensure the safety of participants. NJDTE will be adapting all classes to meet protocol to ensure that dancers can safely participate in the programs with no direct contact. Please find below some further information on how NJDTE will move forward with live programming. At home Zoom classes will be available for each session.

This information represents our policies as of 6/18/20. To attend NJDTE Summer Programs, please read all sections of the new NJDTE COVID Policies, initial each page, and sign at the bottom of this document to email to info@njdte.org to indicate you have read and understand these policies. Download the 2020 NJDTE Summer COVID-19 Policies PDF here.


The following changes have been made to the NJDTE Studios and Classroom practices:

    • Dancers must enter through the back garden entrance. Dancers must be dropped off and picked up at the back entrance. Parents are prohibited from entering the building.
      • Please arrive no more than five minutes prior to the class start time. Dancers who arrive early will be permitted to wait outside in the garden.
      • Carpooling with other dancers is not recommended.  
    • Thermometer Temperature Testing: Upon entry, dancers will be temperature checked by an NJDTE Associate with a point and click contactless thermometer. Any dancer with a temperature of 100.4 degrees will be sent home.
    • Sanitization: Hand sanitizer will be available to dancers at all times.
    • Attire: Dancers must arrive to NJDTE studios fully dressed and prepared to take class. Dancers are not permitted to use the Dressing Rooms.
    • Belongings: Dancers should arrive with minimal personal belongings. All belongings must be securely kept in their bag in a marked space outside of the studio. Water bottles and pointe shoes are permitted in the studios.
      • Medical Bag:Bring a clearly marked medical bag if required                 (ex. EpiPen/Inhaler).
    • Masks Required: Dancers are required to wear masks at all times in the building and during class. Please refer to the CDC Cloth Face Coverings Information page. Cloth face coverings are meant to protect other people in case the wearer in unknowingly infected but does not have symptoms.
      • As the mask may become sweaty in dance class, we suggest bringing a second mask to wear after dance.
    • Sign-In: Dancers will be signed in by an NJDTE Associate upon entry.
    • Signage: Protocol signage has been placed on all building areas.
    • Shield Guards: Plastic shield guards have been installed at the front desk.
    • Visitors: There will be no visitors or tours of the building during the duration of the NJDTE Summer Programs.
    • Water Fountains Closed: Water fountains will not be open for use. Dancers are required to bring as many water bottles as needed for class.
    • Bathrooms: The lobby bathroom is designated for dancers only. The bathrooms near the dressing rooms are for currently closed.
    • Payments: All payments to NJDTE will be taken online.
    • Studio Space:
      • 6 by 6 feet blocks of space will be taped our on the studio floors to allow dancers to distance from one another. There will be no activity that require direct or indirect contact with others or shared space such as partnering.
      • 6 foot spaces will be indicated on the ballet barres to ensure dancers stand distanced from one another.
    • Dancer Limit: NJDTE will limit the number of dancers per studio.
      • Consistent Dancer Groups: Dancers will remain in the same groups to limit the contact between dancers and any intermingling of groups.
      • Scheduling: Class start times, end times, and break times will be staggered by 5 minutes to limit contact between the dancers. Dancers are encouraged to go to the bathroom before arriving to NJDTE Studios.
    • Disinfecting: NJDTE studios and building high-touch areas will be sanitized with Lysol Wipes and Disinfectant Spray at the beginning and end of each day.
      • AUV-C Light Wand will also be used to disinfect surfaces, doors, and barres regularly.
  • COVID-19 Response:
    • It is our expectation that you will notify us if any member of your household tests positive for COVID-19. If a family member has been diagnosed with COVID-19, self-quarantine for 14 days before attending the program.
    • It is strongly encouraged to stay home if you or your dancer has been in close contact to a person with COVID-19.
    • In the event that there is a COVID-19 diagnosis or contact during the NJDTE Summer Programs, NJDTE will maintain the confidentiality of the individual at all times while mitigating the situation. We will follow the guidelines set by the Department of Health for contact tracing.


  • Communication: Please communicate to your children all of the guidelines outlined in this document.
  • Illness Absences: Any dancer who feels ill is encouraged to stay home. Dancers will be screened for fever or signs of COVID-19 illness prior to being permitted to enter our studios and participating in the programming.
    • If a dancer has any symptoms of COVID-19 including cough, shortness of breath, or a temperature of 100.4 please stay home.
    • If anybody in your direct family has a fever of 100.4 please do not attend the class.
    • Parents must email info@njdte.org to notify NJDTE Staff that a dancer will not be attending class that day. Zoom links will be sent to all dancers in the program each week. Dancers will be able to take the class or observe virtually at home by Zoom if they are not coming into the studios.
    • If a dancer exhibits signs of illness during class, an NJDTE Staff member will call the dancer’s parent to be picked up.


  • No Physical Contact: Dancers must not engage in physical contact such as high fives with one another.
  • Hand Washing Required: Dancers are required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before class and between classes. If you have to cough/sneeze, do so into your arm and excuse yourself from class to wash your hands.
  • Lunchtime (SDI Only): Outdoor garden is advised as weather permits for lunch. All dancers are required to wash/sanitize their hands prior to eating and after. Dancers are not encouraged to share their food or snacks.


  • NJDTE Staff will wear cloth masks inside the building at all times.
  • NJDTE Faculty and Staff will have break time for regular hand washing.
  • NJDTE Faculty will not provide tactile touch or feedback.
  • NJDTE Faculty and Staff will self-regulate and follow the same protocols as we ask of our dancers. If a teacher shows any symptoms they will be asked to leave the building.

2020 NJDTE LIVE Open Classes Liability Statement

I understand that if I do not follow the policies, guidelines, or regulations of 2020 NJDTE Summer Programs I can be expelled with no refund. Policies, guidelines, and regulations are meant to keep all students, faculty, and staff safe and within the CDC Guidelines.

I have read the above policies and hereby absolve New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble, Inc., its officers, and/or its employees of any responsibility for accidents that might occur while participating in any activities encompassed in the 2020 NJDTE Open Classes and Summer Programs at NJDTE Studios. New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble, Inc. its officers and/or its employees, shall be held harmless from any injury, illness, theft, loss claim, or liability incurred at this live program.

Please contact Barbara Carocci at bcarocci@njdte.net with any questions or concerns you may have.