“I am thrilled to have NJDTE as part of our Dance New Jersey family, and I am looking to so much more! I am truly humbled to be in the company of amazing dance artists and educators. Thank you again for supplying that in training our future professionals. You’re doing an incredible job.”

Lisa Grimes, Former Executive Director, Dance New Jersey

“New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble has the best training for aspiring young dancers in New Jersey. I am so grateful for NJDTE for making me who I am today and giving me the training I needed to be able to pursue dance after graduation.”

– Brynne Harper, NJDTE alumna 2015

“NJDTE has such a special place in our hearts. Not only do the dancers work with choreographers from all over the world, they are also in the company of peers who possess similar talents, which truly keeps them all reaching for greatness. The potential for each dancer is continuously challenged, and we are so grateful for the kindness and generosity shared throughout the entire staff of NJDTE!”

– Yolande F., NJDTE parent

“NJDTE is the best foundation anyone could ask for as an aspiring professional dancer. I was given the opportunity to work with amazing artists and perform in theaters a professional would dream of.”

– Jenny Hegarty, NJDTE alumna 2004 & Dancer, Dance NOW! Miami & EMERGE125

“NJDTE has changed my view about dance completely. I was given the chance to work with extraordinary artists and choreographers that have prepared me immensely for my college dance education, as well as my future career as a dancer. This pre-professional program create dancers that have a mature and advanced way of thinking, enabling them to come up with breakthrough ideas about the world of dance.”

– Victoria Strata, NJDTE alumna 2016

“The training is exceptional, and the performance opportunities delight her. I am so grateful that NJDTE is conscientious about proper body mechanics, so as to avoid dancer injuries. They are also mindful of healthy nutrition, and the potential body image issues that dancers face.  The staff also does a tremendous job of communicating with the parents.”

– Cari M., NJDTE parent

“As a parent of an NJDTE high school senior, I would like to express my gratitude to NJDTE, especially Ms. Turano, for guidance and support throughout the college process. She was accepted to nationally-ranked dance colleges and also received talent awards that added to her academic awards. NJDTE helped put her in a good position so she could choose from a number of excellent options for her continued education combining dance with science.”

Rita C., NJDTE parent

“NJDTE changed who I am as an artist. At NJDTE, I was challenged to step out of my comfort zone and achieve things I didn’t think I was capable of. Working in a professional environment allowed me to make valuable connections, express my creative thoughts, and work collaboratively.”

– Tara-Jean Canlon, NJDTE alumna 2016

“We were so fortunate to have been pointed towards NJDTE at a critical time in our daughter’s dance life.  The training she received is second to none, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Being mentored by Nancy Turano and other strong professional faculty pushes all the dancers to succeed in much more than just dance. Our daughter plans on a top academic education to go along with her professional dance training and career. Only at NJDTE could she have seen that was possible, had the training and mentoring to make it possible, have older company members as role models achieve similar goals, and in turn be a role model for the next group.  We could not have entrusted our daughter’s personal and professional development to a better person than Nancy and the staff at NJDTE.”

– Jamie & Dan C., NJDTE parents

“My daughter came to a point in her dancing career where she insisted that we find a new ballet school where the training was of excellent quality, rigorous and broad. New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble filled every need that she had and we were so fortunate to have found them. She has danced at NJDTE for 4 years now and sadly only has 1.5 years left before she graduates and goes to college. I am so thankful as a parent for the skills she has learned both in dance and more importantly for life. Some of the skills that NJDTE has help my daughter to improve are stamina, resiliency, a can do attitude, team work and many many more. We both will miss the wonderful family of NJDTE when she graduates.”

– NJDTE parent

“My experience with NJDTE has been amazing. The faculty has helped mold me as a dancer and a person, giving me a true chance to become a professional dancer and choreographer.”

– Chris Odoms, NJDTE alumnus 2016

NJDTE Summer Dance Intensive

“I am thrilled that my daughter had the opportunity to attend the NJDTE Summer Intensive. The difference in her in just 3 short weeks was incredible. My daughter said she learned so much by simply watching the older, more experienced dancers around her. To me, this is a true testament to the education dancers are receiving at NJDTE – it radiates through their students’ bodies even when they don’t know anyone is watching. Great experience all around.”

– Jo Ellen D., NJDTE parent

“Whether or not a dancer’s end goal is a professional career in the arts, summer study is an essential addition to a well-rounded education. My time studying under the masterful eye of NJDTE’s summer faculty gave me more than I could have ever imagined. The opportunity to walk into a beautiful, inspiring facility and work with the highest professionals in an endless variety of specialties is one very few get–especially during key formative years. For a student, no matter what age or experience level, the process of expanding and exploring is both exciting and influential, and I carry with me those effects every day. NJDTE’s program developed not only my technical ability, but also my self-awareness. I am more in tune with my body than ever before, I know how to approach challenges with confidence, and I can pace myself to not only make it to the finish line but to enjoy every minute of the race. Most importantly, I walk with the confidence to fearlessly place my passion into my work, no matter what it is. NJDTE—an unparalleled institution for dance education—taught me how to be the best version of myself I could possibly be, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

– Kate P., NJDTE alumna 2015

“I am very grateful that I got to work with such amazing choreographers at the NJDTE Summer Intensive. I got a lot out of dancing with different instructors. I also learned a lot about myself as a dancer while I was there.”

– Sara D., NJDTE dancer, age 14

“The summer intensive at NJDTE is unlike any other. It’s a rigorous yet nurturing program where you’re constantly asked to go beyond your boundaries and push yourself to be a better, more versatile dancer. The faculty and world-renowned choreographers that are brought in to the summer intensive at NJDTE are truly remarkable. Their passion for teaching and knowledge of movement is incredible, not to mention how inspiring they all are on top of that. After acting as the program manager for the past two years, my favorite aspect of the intensive is being able to witness the changes and overall growth in the dancers. The dancers are better able to express themselves through movement, think creatively, and most importantly, learn how to just be themselves. By the end of the three weeks, the confidence and movement quality of each and every dancer improves dramatically, going beyond the movement quality of a student to one of an artist.”

– Nicole K., NJDTE alumna 2014 & Program Manager

Pre-MIP®, now MIP2®

“Pre-MiP® was one of the best experiences for me as a dancer. This program is not just 7 hours of dancing and then you go home. You are constantly thinking of new concepts and images introduced to you by the faculty, and you often find yourself making your own discoveries, which is one of the most rewarding parts of the program. I would recommend the program to anyone who is interested in something new and getting out of their comfort zone. Overall, my experience at Pre-MiP® was one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done. I am a much better dancer because of this program, and I thank everyone there for encouraging my exploration of dance.”

– Alexa C., Pre-MIP® 2015 dancer

NJDTE in the Community

“We enjoyed the lovely spring dance program you brought to our children at the Summit Library. Your dancers are talented, graceful, and excellent at portraying the elements of spring. It was so nice to see the children participating with the dancers at the end of the program!”

Jeslyn Wheeless, Children’s Librarian, Summit Free Public Library